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Technical Supporter

  • Technical Supporter
  • $400+ (Negotiable)
  • Full time
  • Working in Hanoi

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Technical Supporter

Technical Supporter at Bravebits

Founded in 2008, BraveBits is one of the 1st Vietnamese tech startups to successfully develop global-standard products for worldwide customers. BraveBits is the gathering place for young, talented, and enthusiastic persons. Here, we always have works that awaken the potential in people and fast-track self-development in the best way possible. BraveBits has passionate mentors and friendly colleagues, you will see yourself improve day by day.

BraveBits aspires to bring innovative solutions to global users. We build products with a cool head and support our customers with a warm heart. The working process at BraveBits is very professional and we are trying every day to bring Vietnamese wisdom to the world.

We are looking for a Technical Supporter who can help our clients with technical issues during their build on the PageFly application, these issues can be related to HTML/CSS, Javascript or Shopify Liquid. Helping customers deal with those problems will be the purpose for us to increase the customer experience and make them satisfied. Besides helping customers, helping customers to directly improve their skills is also a goal that the team wants to aim for.

We are looking for someone with:

  • Love working with customers and helping people
  • Withstand pressure from customers when they are hot as well as keep calm to handle problems for customers
  • Requirement knowledge: HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Shopify Liquid (Training possible)
  • Having basic English skills: Reading and writing. If you can listen and speak, that's a big advantage
  • Ready to handle customer issues outside office hours
  • Ready to OT during the holidays

What will you do:

  • Get tickets (on the Crisp app) from customers when they encounter an error and check it for them to fix and see if it's a bug from the PageFly app or a mistake by the customer to help fix it.
  • Support customers directly support customers to handle problems from customers through the notes left by you.
  • Can write custom code (CSS, Javascript, or Shopify Liquid) to handle customer issues or requests from customers.
  • Participate in meeting calls with customers to support them directly if they require it (can join alone or with the Front-line support team).
  • Support other teams like Team seeding or partnership to check technical knowledge-related issues.
  • Participate in training your friends in the Front-line support team to help them improve their technical knowledge.
  • Conduct seminars to share knowledge with the team on the topic of their choice. Help increase knowledge sharing for the team.


  • Practice and learn more programming-related knowledge (HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Shopify Liquid)
  • Increase skills in working with customers, and supporting future work.
  • Increase research and study skills as well as teamwork.
  • Increase communication and presentation skills..
  • Increase English skills.
  • Increase professionalism in working style.
  • Understanding a little more about the e-commerce industry specifically the Shopify platform
  • Know the knowledge related to making apps and themes on Shopify
  • Can work remotely at home
  • Participate in entertainment activities at the office
  • Participate in team-building activities, soccer, clubs, etc
  • Participate in training courses on human development skills and professional development.


  • Work Time: From 8am - 6pm from T2 - T6 (Can work remotely at home)
  • Basic salary: About $400, negotiable depending on ability (consider a salary increase every 6 months)
  • Bonuses are based on actual product contribution and results after the trial ends (currently we offer quarterly bonuses)
  • Reward from the 5-star reviews you earn for customer support.
  • Part-time jobs from Team Service
  • 13th-month bonus and full insurance and regime as prescribed by law.

Include these in your application

  • A cover letter that tells us why you are interested in the job and why we should work with you.
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