The ultimate page builder to optimize conversion rate

PageFly is the complete package to build and enhance Shopify stores conversion rate. This is a flagship product of BraveBits with the aim to grow and adapt to every e-commerce platform.

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Customer focused

A product with the customer-first approach

We don’t sell products. We go hand-in-hand with customers on their business journey, helping them to succeed.

Our mission, solution and service are made to satisfy customers’ demands and real-life expectations. Customers’ success is our success.

Hi-tech stack

The flexible software architecture with cutting-edge technologies

With the application of advanced technology such as React & React Hooks, NodeJS, Ant Design, MongoDB, we managed to deliver the smoothest page building experience on the market.

These technologies also allow us to focus only on essential business logics and optimize development cost in general.

World-class customer experience

An advanced experience designed for global needs

We have always built our products around making it easier for customers to solve their problems wherever, and whenever possible. That means providing user-friendly onboarding, customer support 24/7, in-app communications, etc. That’s the foundation we base on to create a streamlined experience for global markets.

Let’s make a great impact together

Be a part of BraveBits to unlock your full potential and be proud of the impact you make.