What do you get at BraveBits?

First and foremost, the biggest benefit that BB aims to give its members is the opportunity to grow. There is nothing but challenges to encourage members to escape from their comfort zone, train themselves and foster their future careers.

By the slogan “Small but brave to be remarkable”, if you have decided to go with BB, there is no other choice but to be Brave to become Remarkable even when starting as Small.

“At BraveBits, developers are always encouraged to continuously learn and try new things. We make sure all that knowledge and experience benefits both ourselves and our customers. It is really a great joy to combine the power of the latest technology with human creativity in producing fantastic products.”

Paul Phan

Software Architecture Lead

For developers

Code it smart

State-of-the-art tech

You will master advanced technology such as React, NodeJS, Ant Design, MongoDB, etc.

Agile process

You will practice working with Agile project management methodology on a daily basis.

Learning by doing

You will be encouraged to do, fail and learn a lot from that. No schools can give such experience.

For designers

Solve problems at its root

Efficient design process

You will master the whole design process with all the steps towards the most efficient solution.

Complete ownership

You will have full authority and autonomy on the solution you are working on.

Fail fast and carry on

You're encouraged to experiment, fail, learn and quickly start the next iteration.

“Product designers at BraveBits are empowered with great ownership for their impacts to the business and customers, thus always being ready to hands-on what is needed to solve the problems. In such an environment, we grow significantly by constantly iterating with deep understanding about what we are doing.”

Son Luu

Product Design Lead

For you

Work like professional

Wide open workplace

Your new coworking space is an oasis of modernity and style. From the professional team meeting area to make your next brainstorm a success, to our newest addition: The Creative Lab who needs inspiration in their work day!

Powerful equipment

We're committed to giving our team the best possible tools for their work. We'll do our best to keep current equipment up-to-date and constantly add new tech gear for the team to get the job done.

Clear task management

We're always on time and in order when it comes to work because of the systematic task-management tools we use. We know how important good planning is for a successful venture, so that's why we have guidelines set up for our tasks.

Earnings & welfare

The perks of being small but growing at scale

Adequate salary

It's important that we pay our employees what they're worth to retain talent. As you grow with us, your salary will increase accordingly and help propel you towards success!

Plentiful bonus & rewards

We offer a competitive compensation package, so that when it comes time to reward yourself with an annual raise or bonus, you will feel well-deserved and valued by us!

Healthy lunch & snacks

With a variety of snacks and meals provided, you never have to feel hungry. It's the perfect way for bonding with colleagues as well!

Team building near home

We host company trips on a bi-monthly basis. These are an excellent way to develop teamwork and reconnect with the people you work around everyday in a more natural setting. You'll get fresh air, some peace of mind, and all kinds of bonding time!

Vacation far from home

We go on vacation once per year, even overseas trips if it is a fruitful year. If not, short-distance trips are still good as long as we are happy.

Flexible remote working

The office environment may seem like a great thing, but it can still get boring. Signing up to work remotely is one way you could change the atmosphere and be more productive!

What BraveBits people think

Grow the company, grow yourself!

Let’s make a great impact together

Be a part of BraveBits to unlock your full potential and be proud of the impact you make.