“You've gotta live like no one else ever will for a couple of years, to be able to live the rest of your life like no one else ever can.”

We are BraveBits

Established in 2008, BraveBits is one of the first Vietnamese startups that has been successful in developing open-source products for hundred thousand customers worldwide. The company houses talented young people who hold a strong passion for coding, designing, and marketing. All of them share the same dream of building and bringing innovative products to customers all over the world.

What continually motivates us is the strong passion for work, ever-changing technologies, and the high demand for perfection from the customer community.

“Brave to be remarkable!”

Our mission

Our mission is to become the lever for Vietnamese people, enabling them to unleash their potential and achieve international-level success. This goal may be hindered by objective realities but with opportunities offered in a flat world we now have an opportunity in which our talent can shine.

Core Values

Winner’s mindset, not loser’s

New challenges are met head on with bravery and determination. No one at BraveBits hesitates, fears failure or is superficial when assigned a task. In fact, these traits will only hinder progress as the company faces new obstacles in its journey to provide innovative solutions for international markets. This courageous mindset of fearlessness is one of the most important core values of each BBer.

Beginner's mindset, not expert's

In the current fast-changing world of technology, what we seem to "know" today can quickly become outdated by tomorrow. It is important for BBers not to wear hats as experts because it will only lead them down a path. Instead, we think like beginners who are tirelessly exploring different options and opportunities, believing that there are always more than one solution for any problem.

Focus on the ultimate result, not the task

At BraveBits, we always ask ourselves when being assigned any task: “What do I want to achieve and how that will help the company grow?" There should never be an attitude like “I only need to finish my given tasks because someone will take care of everything else.". The most important thing for the company is the growth, which only happens when everyone delivers impactful results.

Working at BraveBits

Productive environment

We provide a spacious working space, filled with natural lights and modern facilities. Everything to help BBers to think outside the box!

Attractive salary & bonus

We know that a good investment starts with respecting and rewarding your employees for any contributions or achievements they might have made.

Room to grow

The way we strive for excellence creates limitless room to grow for every individual. There will always be a challenge for you to overcome and improve yourself.

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Let’s make a great impact together

Be a part of BraveBits to unlock your full potential and be proud of the impact you make.