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Digital Product Designer

Product Design at BraveBits

At BraveBits, we nurture the mindset of Product Design in all teams, where everyone must aim to deliver the values rather than working hours.

As we are working specifically on e-commerce solutions, our customers are product builders who bring value to their audiences. That being said, we focus on users at the center of our processes and aim to avoid damaging our customer's business. Therefore, making decisions based on real data is one of our focal points.

With each design and activity, product designers at BraveBits are empowered with great ownership for their impacts on the business and customers, thus always being ready to hands-on what is needed to solve the problems. As a designer in such an environment, we opt to grow consistently through iterative improvements.


We are looking for someone with:

  • A drastic, value-oriented pursuit of objectives that is willing to give what it takes to find the way, while equipped with effective self-management
  • A strong responsibility for what you bring to the table as well as deliver to users, instead of just finishing what has been assigned to you
  • No barrier to collaboration across the teams. The know-how to utilize available resources to complete tasks within a teamwork-focused environment.
  • Good practices of critical thinking and rational decision-making
  • High attention to detail and the ability to deliver with care
  • Competent experience with design thinking processes and UX tools: researching, wireframing, user flow, information architecture…
  • Sufficient English skills to read, write, and communicate (equivalent to at least IELTS 6.5)
  • Practical knowledge of designing for conversion rate optimization in the global e-commerce context
  • Experiences in building and applying design systems
  • Experiences in Agile ways of working
  • At least 3 years of experience designing for digital products (better if mainly in web applications), with enough understanding of HTML/CSS to deliver web-efficient solutions 

It's a plus if you have:

  • Leadership and expertise to influence at the team management level
  • Solid understanding of HTML/CSS or Javascript

What you will do

  • Utilize an end-to-end design thinking process:
    • Gathering requirements/research to define the problems
    • Creating design concepts, then generating the design solutions
    • Delivering the results and keeping up with the changes
  • Collaborate closely with Product Owners, developers, marketing team, Design Ops, and fellow product designers to get the work done
  • Communicate the design ideas via team presentation and ship the design solution through well-consumable specifications
  • Maintain and revise existing designs to meet customer or business expectations
  • Provide low-frequency customer support based on the demand of assembling user's needs

What BraveBits will do

  • Provide an environment in which you can grow either as an individual or who can contribute values in the big picture
  • Connect you with the teams and resources you need to deliver the outcomes that you proudly have ownership
  • Do what we can to ensure you are in good mental and physical health
  • Help you focus on what you do best
  • Give you the opportunities to sharpen the skills you’re looking to develop, which will shape the future you:
    • Enhance your career path from specialist to generalist, and vice versa—based on your proficiency
    • Change your resource allocation between different products for your best delivery
    • Access to the library of paid insights, learning courses, books…
    • Monthly seminars or workshops sharing knowledge in various types: expertise know-how, lifestyle, self-improvement… 


  • Main salary: $1200+ (6-month routine of considering salary increment or promotion)
  • Quarterly bonus based on project achievement (after probation)
  • 13th-month bonus and legal insurance

Include these in your application

  • A cover letter that shows us why you are interested in the job and why we should work with you.
  • The portfolio that shows at least 2 projects you have done.
  • Your resumé or CV
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